At Valley Trust, our portfolio management team constructs individualized portfolios utilizing customized investment strategies to achieve your personal goals and objectives. Through a consistent, ongoing process of monitoring and feedback, we assure adherence to the highest asset management and fiduciary standards.

Reflecting our commitment to deliver competitive long-term investment performance, we have built a robust investment platform.

Because our goals align with yours we look to:

While we will not outperform in every portfolio in every time period, we are steadfast in our commitment to outperform in most time periods but most importantly take a prudent approach to preserving capital in turbulent times.

With these goals in mind, we adhere to a disciplined, independent research-driven investment approach that includes:


Building portfolios involves an ongoing dialog with clients and their families as we continually review investment strategies to ensure that we are on track to accomplish their goals and objectives.

The Portfolio Construction Process includes:

Valley Trust's goal is to create an individualized investment management portfolio to achieve long-term growth and stability through:

At Valley Trust, we believe that successful investing comes down to one primary factor: choosing the right mix of assets to own. By driving overall return and risk, asset allocation can make the difference between meeting one's wealth goals and falling short. Our team of professionals can work closely with you in structuring a portfolio and an investment strategy that will meet your needs.

Refine "risk" in a way that matters to you

We strive to not hedge against volatile ups and downs, but against "drawdown," the potential for long-term, significant capital loss - which is what investors really care about. Focusing on drawdown exposure can also provide an opportunity for better risk-adjusted performance.

Most investors prefer to avoid volatility in their investment strategy, but they care more about better risk-adjusted performance. We aim to manage "drawdown exposure," which is the potential for long-term capital loss.

Investors cannot diversify by stocks and bonds alone

Today's markets require that portfolios be diversified both across and within a broad sweep of asset classes - and by the economic forces that drive asset classes.

Adding value from a tax perspective

Managing the tax consequences inherent to portfolio decision-making is critical from an investment perspective. Our integrated, tax-wise structuring is designed to help preserve wealth for the family, while incorporating solutions that we believe are likely to minimize your annual and generational tax burden. Tax-advantaged portfolios can help minimize tax burdens and maximize generational wealth.

An investment's potential value should exceed its expected costs

If your wins are wiped out by expenses, it isn't a win. We believe that the potential value of an opportunity is to be great enough to outweigh associated manager and transaction fees, as well as other costs. We strive to offer our clients with competitive fee structures that are normally available only to institutional investors.

Think outside the box of traditional solutions

We provide qualified investors with access to non-traditional, private market investments that don't typically move in lockstep with traditional solutions and may greatly enhance portfolio efficiency and long-term expected returns.

At Valley Trust, we believe that by focusing on prudent growth, cash flow generation and the management of inherent risks in the marketplace, we will add value to portfolios over long market cycles.

We will connect you with an expert who can introduce you to services that are right for you.