Understanding Your Needs

At Valley Trust, we are dedicated to meeting the complex financial needs of our clients. Our highly experienced private banking professionals deliver innovative solutions and tailored services designed exclusively for you.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Credit Needs

Your financial strength allows you to use credit strategically to create and benefit from unique financial opportunities. Customized credit solutions can also play a crucial role in implementing your trust and wealth transfer strategies. We can provide financing solutions to help meet immediate short and long-term needs plus specialty financing options when your borrowing need is to acquire assets.

Security Based Lending Line of Credit (SBL)

SBL is a flexible line of credit, secured by your investment management accounts at Valley Trust. The SBL Line is designed to help you meet liquidity needs and enhance your cash flow without depleting cash reserves or compromising your investment strategy.

Eligible securities can be held in your Valley Trust account. You can use the SBL Line to help meet many of your financing goals, such as:

Valley Life Insurance Premium Financing

Life Insurance Premium Financing enables clients to purchase the life insurance they need without liquidating other investments or otherwise changing their normal cash flow. When properly structured, it may also help clients transfer assets to children, grandchildren and charities with potentially reduced gift and estate-tax costs.

Discover the benefits of premium banking with our Valley Elite Banking Account

A key component of your overall financial strategy should include cash management. We can offer traditional banking solutions and services designed to help you:

Our team will develop a tailored financial strategy to help meet your short-term liquidity needs as well as your longer-term personal and financial goals with our Valley Elite Banking Services.

Real Estate Finance

A strategic approach to structuring transactions

The right mortgage will not only meet your residential real estate needs, but can be a cornerstone of managing your wealth. You will be advised by our team of specialists who understand substantial real estate transactions and the importance of personalized loan structures. From traditional or customized mortgages to home equity lines of credit, we will work to find the right solution to help meet your needs.

We will connect you with an expert who can introduce you to services that are right for you.